Be of Service at or before the Campout!

As we get closer to the campout, we will post additional opportunities to be of service during the event. Typical service opportunities include kitchen clean up, fire-tending, coffee maker, secretary, chairperson, plus help with games or other activities. We also have other service opportunities before the campout happens. 

 If you are interested in joining the campout committee to help with planning before the event, you can also use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page to reach out.  Thank you!

Sign Up to help the campout committee

Not sure which days (or if) you can make the campout this year? You can still be an important part of the event by helping with some pre-campout tasks.

Got great design/presentation skills? We need a creative person to make a campout information board to help folks know what is happening throughout the campout. 

Good with details?  Help folks register at the campout and/or with preregistration tasks.

Go to a lot of meetings? We need people to get flyers and info out to others. We will contact you and get you flyers to bring. 

Sign Up to bring flyers to meetings and announceSignup help on a Campout Committee

Service Opportunities at the Campout

Sign Up for Secretary, Chairperson, Coffee maker, & Sunday cleanup positions

 After you have registered for the campout, you can signup to be a part of by being of service! Besides, how can it be AA without coffee and service?  AM and PM positions available.  

Sign Up for Service at Meetings

Sign Up to bring Potluck Food

Potlucks will be held Friday and Saturday Night.  Signup to make sure we have a variety of delicious food for everyone!

Potluck Food Signup