Some history:

After initially allowing dogs at the campout for a number of years, In 2012, it was decided by a group conscience at the campout committee to ban dogs. This decision was due to a growing problem with dogs left unattended, allowed to roam free and damage campers tents and causing unsafe conditions and actual injury for campers. The ban on dogs has remained since this time in order to support the safest and most comfortable environment possible for  AAITW campers.

The decision to allow dogs:

In 2022, several requests were made to re-consider the ban, and the current campout committee agreed to listen to the requests, discuss options, and follow a group conscience process to address the requests to allow dogs. After discussing at several committee meetings, a vote was taken to allow a limited number of dogs, on a TRIAL BASIS, with a number of restrictions, for the 2023 Campout. After the campout, there was a follow-up meeting to weigh in on the impact of allow dogs. 

There will be a designated campout committee member on duty each day of the campout to handle any issues, including questions/issues with dogs. Dog owners agree to abide by the decision of the committee regarding the suitability of a dog at the campout. Owners of UNSUPERVISED and or dogs deemed a nuisance will be asked to leave.

2024 Update: 

After a generally successful trial implementation in 2023, we will once again allow dogs at the 2024 campout. Thanks to all the responsible dog owners last year who helped make this possible. The campout events committee will continue to listen to camper feedback and to evaluate this decision to allow dogs after each year’s campout. 

Details and Requirements for bringing a dog to the AAITW Campout:

According to Beacon Rock State Park rules:

Dogs must be under physical control at all times, leashed, and cleaned up after. 
Dogs are not allowed on designated swimming beaches – per WA State Park Regulations.

In addition, for the safety and comfort of all Campers:

  • Dogs of all sizes are allowed for an additional fee of $10 
  • Dogs must be registered with the AAITW Committee to be at the campout – use the registration form to register your dog.
  • Campers will sign and submit a Pet Waiver prior to arriving at an event with a pet.
  • For the comfort of all attendees, campers with dogs must camp in the first meadow of the group area as marked below.
    The  second meadow (furthest from entrance) will not allow camping with dogs. 
  • Pet size is not limited; however, dog owners must maintain control over their dog at all times.
    At all times during the campout, dogs must wear an identification collar and be restrained (on a leash).
  • The pet shall be properly licensed and inoculated as required by local, county or state statute, ordinance or health code.
  • Owners are liable for damages resulting from actions of their dog. To that end, pet insurance is strongly encouraged, where available.
  • Owners will ensure their dog is supervised. If the owner goes on a hike  or swim and does not bring their dog with them, they must find someone to assume responsibility for the care of their dog. 
  • Owners shall exercise proper control of their dog to prevent their dog from becoming a nuisance to any other person and shall not leave the dog unattended in a building/trailer/tent/vehicle except  for brief periods during collective meal times.
  • Owner shall keep the campout premises and surrounding environs clean and free of pet odors, insect infestation, feces and urine. Waste and litter shall be immediately removed in the case of an accident.
  • For the comfort and safety of all attendees, dogs are never allowed in the communal cooking/eating area, and may not be a nuisance/disturbance at meetings.
  • Dogs of vicious or dangerous disposition shall not be permitted. Any dog determined to constitute under state or local law as a nuisance or threat may be required to be immediately removed.
  • Owner is responsible for the proper care, feeding and watering of their dog.
  • Allowing dogs at the AAITW campout is being done on an annual, trial basis only and future decisions to allow dogs will be evaluated based on the outcomes each year at a post campout group conscience. Interested persons are encouraged to attend the campout committee and group conscience after the campout if the have feedback, or email with any comments or concerns.